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Jon Hansen Joins Dave & Bill on CHWRadio to Discuss a Better Future for the Internet…

by dballard on February 20, 2012

Jon Hansen a fellow Blog Talk Radio Host joined Dave & Bill on the CyberHood Watch Radio to share his thoughts on issue facing the future of the Internet. SOPA/PIPA and Net Neutrality continues to be a topic of concern.

The future of the Internet is all of our concern and we should not only be mindful about these issues, which threaten the freedoms of the Internet, but refuse to allow our peers to become complacent.

Jon understands the power of communication and awareness and making sure others are aware of the issues that may potentially affect the lives of his listeners. Jon is truly a voice that empowers his audience to make informed decisions.

Jon began blogging in 2007 and currently contributes to thirteen blogs. His mode of operation is in the power of what he calls his Three C’s… Content | Context | and Contact, which he elaborates in more detail throughout the show. However, he does point out that traditional media is finally becoming less fearful of the new digital media and the citizen journalist.

We covered several interesting topics that parents and concerned adults should discuss…Are our children losing real meaningful relationship development because of social networks and mobile devices? How are the lack of interaction and the overwhelming information overload affecting our kids.

Did you ever wonder how an Internet stranger could convince your child to commit suicide over the Internet? It happened and Jon shares his thoughts on the Internet’s suicide killer.

Jon quoted Scott Cleland as saying, “Net Neutrality was the solution in search of a problem whereas online piracy was a problem in search of a solution. Jon raises the questions are we relinquishing control of the Internet”. Jon’s position on Net Neutrality remains open for further discussion and discovery before deciding.

Jon believes the Internet is very powerful tool that represents freedom and power…for example, it use in the Iranian election using Twitter.

The family boardroom…The dinner table, seems to have been abandon and it seems more and more today family core values have diminished over the years. Unfortunately, the family discussions are vital to the development of our children, and their core values seem to have been replaced with technology and social media values.

Consequently, when a critical moment arises and our children are faced with making that sound life-changing decisions based on years of discussions shared around the dinner table, unfortunately, have never been internalized and are unavailable.

Jon points out that we cannot focus solely on technology as the culprit of our problems, a great deal has to do with parenting. When we allow 52% of eight year olds access to mobile devices that connect to the Internet, as parents we are risking our child’s innocence.

I know this is nothing new and you have heard it before, but it was bought in our conversation, and it is worth mentioning again…

Read to your children…

Create healthy attitudes towards the Internet…AND

Remember…Society is judged on how it takes care of its elderly and those who are weak within it…

  Be sure to listen to the show below ==>

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