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VIDEO GAME ADDICTION – can you UNplug your Children?

by bwardell on October 13, 2010

Todays show was awesome!! and our guest was… Ryan Van Cleave, writer, author, speaker, educator, entrepreneur, Ph. D and a Gamer!!

…or should I say all of the above and former Video Game Addict!!

The Digital Life Of our children, folks it’s REAL and don’t think for a second that it”s the same as our adult lives if you are over the age of 30 you remember the days before PC’s, txt messages, cellphones, wireless connections, and yes video games!

My first experiences was provably a lot like all of you the CHW followers, going to the local arcades on the weekends with friends or family and playing an old fashioned Pinball machine or Skee Ball :) or even maybe Asteroids, a PAC-Man or Tetris… never imaging that some day seeing what is available to our children especially for our pre-teens kids of today, building empires with friends around the world, wearing headsets, and connecting in virtual world everyday, to GAME… Ryan said this is a 22 to billion year industry, and it is not slowing down!!

And, as a topper to maybe get a glimpse of just how big this is, he tells us that just before Christmas 2010 the WOW enterprises (World Of Warcraft) is coming out with a brand new module extension, that will sell at least 3 million copes in the first 24 hours, will you be one of the parents that hands your child the $$$ to buy this, without understanding the potential long term consequences of your decisions to not understand the (World Of Gaming) WOG?? if so, then you need to listen to Ryan’s interview below:

Ryan Van Cleave, Discusses His Journey Into The Dark Side of Gaming! Ryan joined the CHW Partners live today in the HOOD, we got our questions for gamers and the parents of gamers… and they were about what are the “true signs” of a Gamer Addiction and how we can help our friends and families when they need it The MOST!


This is the only memoir on this subject. He regularly speaks about this at medical conferences, and he has been on ABC, FOX, “Coast to Coast,” and dozens of other radio programs as a video game addiction expert.

CHWR listeners got to listen live to a very special show today with Ryan sharing his story and experiences and we learned about this global epidemic! China and South Korea call video game addiction their #1 public health issue. Is America next?

He may also talked about other teens issues like CyberBullying, social networking, and computer/internet safety — as it all ties together in KEEPING our CHILDREN Safe in this: The NEW Digital Age!!

You need to listen to the end of the show to understand just how devastating it can be… JUST to say; “Enough is a Enough” and UNplug your children and deny then access to the digital world they live IN… please don’t make this Mistake!! And try please, to understand the world they live in, by first wanting to, and also learning how to communicate with them daily, and by teaching them your value system… and then get this wonderful book on how to help those that you love and think might be addicted to gaming! it’s Real, and it is getting bigger every hour!

You can follow and keep up with Ryan on his Website: UNPLUGGED
Blog: UNPLUGGED Facebook: RVG and Twitter: RVG and also pickup
a copy of his book here: UNPLUGGED

Thanks to Ryan for his honesty and for fighting the good fight :)

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

Make sure to check out his bestselling book:

Image of Unplugged: My Journey into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction
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