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Become a FIGHTER and Fight The New Drug…Children are Being Accosted by the Porn Industry!

by dballard on April 24, 2012

FIGHTERS on CHWRadio - Fight The New Drug

It began with a few college entrepreneurs sitting together sharing ideas of how they could make their mark on the future. An unlikely idea that sprang up from the group was, “Hey let’s put up an anti-pornography site.” This was the beginnings of Fight The New Drug and the new FIGHTERS Ryan Werner, Beau Lewis, Clay Olsen, and Cam Lee began an entrepreneurs dream. Not what you would consider the typical stereo type of young technology entrepreneurs.

However; it did strike a chord with Clay Olsen, and the memory of an unfortunate tragedy he shared about a cousin who had been exposed to pornography at the age of eight, which eventually led to his incarceration. As Clay described the incident, it was as disruptive as a stick of dynamite exploding, affecting the entire family.

Later, after his cousin’s release, in a conversation with Clay, he commented, “If only I had known…”

Many times we have heard our guests comment about hearing parents say, “I never thought this would happen to me.” Well, it does happen…bad things do happen, and one reason why the CyberHood Watch subtitle reads, “Through Communication & Awareness”. Parents need to be aware and share with their kids.


Clay Olsen Talks About the Effects of Pornography on the Brain

As Clay explains, we have anti-drugs, and anti-tobacco, anti-addiction campaigns, but we avoid the issue of anti-pornography. Because pornography is a sensitive issue we tend to skirt the issue. The avoidance of addressing pornography is exactly what gives strength to the pornography industry.

Fight The New Drug takes the approach of empowering kids through understanding what addiction is, and how addiction establishes a foothold. Clay’s and the Fighters frame the conversation of pornography outside the issue of morality, and more on the science of addiction.  Think of it more as a public health issue.

A paradigm shift and a real issue facing our children today is the sexual assault on our kid’s development brought about through the advent of the Internet and the explosion of mobile technology and its access to the Internet.

There now exist sufficient evidence, and a solid scientific leg to stand on that establishes the common elements of addiction. The same pleasure chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and epinephrine) released through other narcotics, which affect the reward pathways are the same chemicals released while viewing pornography.  The addiction begins with the need to satisfy the reward pathways, and regularly viewing of pornography continuously overexposes the reward pathways demanding the need for more and more; hence, the addiction process.

Pornography Addiction Infographic

The effects of pornography are powerful and direct. Pornography viewed through the eyes, imprints directly to the brain, releasing pleasure chemicals, while changing attitudes, behavior, which influences everything around you.

The pornography industries understand this addiction, and are masters of manipulating its viewers who are now as young as six and seven. I do not think the community fully understands the affects pornography has on the long term development of our youth, never before have they been exposed to so much and so graphic material.

The only thing addiction cares about is satisfying the addiction…

Fight The New Drug tries to separate the addiction from the individual. Unfortunately, society views porn addiction differently than other addictions. We tend to shun the victim, unlike other addictions where we offer support.

Clay Olsen points out that the youth want to talk about this problem, and adult care takers need to understand the assault our children are under from the porn industry.  Eighty percent of exposure to pornography occurs in the home.

If parents are unwilling to teach their kids about pornography, be assured the pornography industry will.

When delivering a presentation to parents and asked how many use filtering software, the typical response is thirty percent. I can’t imagine equating about seven cents a day to help assure my children’s well-being. However, in addition to the technology protection, parents need to instill a personal conviction in his or her child; it all boils down to that decisive moment when your child is faced with making a critical choice when you are not there.

Pornography Addicted Kids Are Crying Out for Help...Fortify Answers the Call

Pornographers know it is addictive, so they start small intentionally, enticing with free teasers, creating stealth sites, misspelled sites, flash games, free games that all lead to that one peek knowing what instantly takes place in the brain.

Clay addresses the 4As of what makes it easy for the pornography industry:

  • Accessible…Anywhere the Internet connects to a mobile device or computer
  • Affordable…Free teasers
  • Anonymous…No one is watching
  • Addictive…Direct from the eyes to imprinting the brain

Another issue that Clay has become acutely aware of is the problem of “sexting”, kids sending inappropriate pictures of them to another. What helps our youth to understand the severity of this problem is to explain the association of sexting to child pornography and the illegal implications that will impact them.  Not to mention the permanent nature of the event, and the understanding that you are contributing to passing around something addictive to your peers.

We need our kids to change the message from, “Dude check this out.” To, “Dude that’s messed up.”

Be sure to either download the show or listen to Clay Olsen on CHWRadio right now…click on the show below.

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I urge everyone to check out Fight The New Drug and their program, “Fortify”! It will change the lives of our youth who are dealing with the addiction of pornography. The program is free, and kids are challenged with not having the finances to seek professional help, and they will not go to their parents because of the stigma associated with porn addiction.

Fortify is their chance to seek help…you can help support Fortify with a small donation.


Your CyberHood Watch Partner,



david c ballard

Radio Security Journalist





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