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Where Excuses Go To Die – Picking Up The Pieces with John Nelson

by bwardell on July 28, 2011

Dave and Bill interviewed John Espinosa Nelson, The Bookstore Bandit on the CHWR today… Both of us were so looking froward to John being on our show again… he was one of our most favorite guests, over the past 3 1/2 years! and today’s show was awesome, click the play button below:

•After the trauma, what did I learn about ME?
•What do I have left that’s worth having?
•Where Do I start re-assembling the old and new pieces of my life?
•Crimes of resentment – why good families produce bad behavior.
•Making excuses and taking responsibility… can we live without excuses?

John Espinosa Nelson, Bookstore Bandit & Bank Robber turned author and prison expert learned first-hand about crime as his ill-chosen route through the eccentricities of an otherwise engaging and law-abiding, upper middle class family. He was dubbed by the LAPD as the Bookstore Bandit and ended up getting apprehended for robbing banks. John never used a weapon, and made full restitution, and makes no excuses. He now holds law breakers and law makers to that standard!

John made his four years in prison a time of real personal growth. He is now an expert on recidivism and surviving the penal system. He has also written the memoir, Where Excuses Go To Die. An edgy, smart, coming-of-age story that while mostly set in prison, also provides a real look at family, personal evolution, and what it takes to grow past that competitiveness so many boys feel for their dads.

“Get character or become one” and John is a character, espeaily after you listen to this fantastic interview… I think you’ll agree :)

John has been published in a number of publications including Esquire, Details, Players, and written for television. He as done numerous radio and TV segments. He poignantly retraces his journey through the place where excuses go to die with good humor and good information… and his book is scheduled to be released in Nov of 2011, we will keep you up-to-date here on the CHW Blog and hoping he’ll come on share his insights and feelings and feedback with all of us!

Read his story here: John’s Personal Story

Check out the book excerpt from: EXCUSES

We would like to personally thank John, for sharing his valuable time with our audience today. Dave and Bill are looking forward to getting a copy of his book in a few months, and we will do a full review then!!

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