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Freedom to Choose… Everyone Has The Ability To Help Other, Choose Too!

by bwardell on August 12, 2011

Freedom to Choose short form from University of Santa Monica on Vimeo.

This film chronicles the USM Prison Project that has been ongoing at the Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla California since 2004. The film is a moving tribute to this service project led by USM faculty members Drs. David and Bonnie Paul and the many USM graduate volunteers who so generously give of their time and resources. The film highlights the sometimes heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting experiences of the prisoners who so vigorously benefit from this Soul-Centered educational process delivered within the prison environment.

The project is a USM Film production in association with Art & Industry and Granite Pass and has been produced by Scott Mednick (300, Superman Returns, We Are Marshall) and Jimmy Greenway along with co-directors Michael Nadeau and Kirk Souder. Serving as Executive Producers are Ron Hulnick, Mary Hulnick, Heide Banks and Howard Lazar.

there is NOTHING I could say!!! about this video that could convey the message contained in these few shoat minutes, better than just wathing it…
Please Watch IT, Then Teach IT and Choose Too Share IT!! and Support IT

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