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Emergency Alert System (EAS) | First USA Test of the EAS

by dballard on November 5, 2011

Coming to Your Home November 9, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern)...EAS!

Come November 9, 2011 the Emergency Alert System will conduct its first nationwide test at 2:00 p.m. (Easter Standard Time). It is intended to find out how reliable and/or effective our system is in alerting all of us.

Initially when I read this, while considering how many of our citizens/countrymen are feeling regarding all the uncertainty in the world we hear about. My first reaction was, why now, and is there more behind the test.

Don’t think for a moment our kids are not affected from all the media and how life is portrayed through the media. Anyone in business understands the importance, especially today with all the social media, the importance of dripping information to your customer. So, how effective is media dripping on all of us, especially our children for decades.

It is not something new, villages, towns, and cities have all used some system of warning, bells, church bells, sirens, etc. to warn its’ citizens, but this is the first test of the Emergency Alert System across the United States.

Come to think about it, there should be an emergency alert system, I would rather be prepared and at least given an opportunity to do something or at least say something. It all seems so Orwellian to think we have arrived at the point we need to consider a United States wide warning system…Talk about the loss of innocence on a global scale.

However, if you would like to find out about the details regarding the implementation of the first USA wide Emergency Alert System, you can check out the Federal Communication Commission website.

The point is to be aware that the Emergency Alert System test will take place November 9, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), and hopefully will not cause concern or panic.

Emergency Alert System Backup

One of the questions in the Q&A reads:

Will the test involve mobile communications devices?

No. The test will involve only those communications service providers – broadcast radio and television, cable television, satellite radio and television and wireline video services – that participate in the EAS.”

Now, that is an interesting thought regarding privacy. Does that mean it is possible or has the potential to contact all mobile devices?

Hey, while all the testing is going on ask your child what he or she thinks about warnings, and what warnings they might share…who knows where that might take you.


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david c ballard (DigitalDave)

Radio Security Journalist



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