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2 Big Stories Today… Human Trafficking in Salt Lake City and the Oregon Areas, in the backyards of small town America!

by bwardell on September 23, 2010

Say it ain’t SO…

Please, someone tell me this is not happening in SMALL towns across America!?

You know the sad TRUTH is.. it’s happening in your town RIGHT Now… and if you were looking for it you would see it!!

The problem is… NO one wants to see it, they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to know about it or that it actually exists in todays world, and for sure they don’t think their neighbors and others in their own communities are involved in this horrendous problem.

The fact is, that because people are not aware and don’t discuss it, its one of the main reasons this has become one of the worlds (and modern day SOCIETY’S) dirtiest little secrets!!

Modern Day Slavery

It does exist and it is OH So Real for an estimated 27 Million humans around the world TODAY!!


For 27 MILLION Men, Women and Children this is their life. Someone else OWNS them, CONTROLS them, TELLS them what do, what they can eat, when they can go to the bathroom, when they can clean themselves, when they have to perform sexual acts and for who, and how many times a day they will have to do perform this daily service. Sometimes only getting just a few scraps to eat, or not!

Victims are told constantly that they (the victim) owe “them” the (Human Traffickers) for their lives and they better keep doing what they are told or they will put their family in jeopardy of being brutally beaten or killed!!!

177 years later HOW can this be Happening in 2010 and be even worse, than it has ever been before!! People, politicians, professors, administrators, school teachers, government officials, world leaders, friends, families, parents, neighborhoods and communities are NOT LOOKking!

“If you’re not seeing it, you’re not looking for it,” says Julia Ormond.

Well then, you absolutely need to listen to our interview today with the parents of a young Oregon teen, that had her life and her future turned upside down with-in a matter of a few short months…

Listen to Jerry and Janet as they share this almost hard to believe over a year long chain of events that lead to their precious teenage daughter who was at the time; a great student and potential medical student, preparing and getting ready by working and saving her money from part-time jobs to go to collage into the medical field:

Modern Day Slavery is in your backyard, and yes, right here in America. You’ll will hear the story as we “Look Beneath the Surface” with Michelle and the parents of a recent teenage victim from the Oregon area who had everything going for her including medical school and a bright future – a detour of hell would follow and today we hear for the first time from the parents who found themselves in a nightmare and had to make a deal with the devil to protect their teenage daughter and see justice prevail.

Also, joining Jerry and Janet today were Michelle Bart from Soroptimist International and the chair of the annual Northwest Conference Against Trafficking. Also, Suzanne Stafford from My Internet Safety Coach, she educates on Internet safety… And, how how parents can oversee their child’s internet surfing habits and especially when to make it your business to whom they are corresponding with.

You can also get more information from Michelle and her websites, as well as her affiliated sites here:

You can also get more information from *Suzanne and her websites: and, Suzanne has negotiated a great deal and opportunity for all the CHWR listeners, followers and world wide supporters, and we want to thank her for this great offer! All you have to do is mention her name, Suzanne Stanford to get your discounted copy of the GAME: Missing by WebWise!!

Reported by The Salt Lake Tribune: Global Horizons in Utah

Direct CHWR Link:
Modern Day Slavery is in your backyard, and yes, right here in America

Also today, we were highlighted in the National News Media as well… check this out the CHWR Press Release!

Direct PR Link:

Thanks everyone, and especially all our of guests today!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch Partner

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

* Special Show Notes from Suzanne:

797,500 reported missing kids every year
Over 2,000 kids missing per day
Parents need to NOT be afraid to learn about Human Trafficking
These are crimes that are preventable (for the most part) by educating ourselves and our children
Make sure that your child (if missing) is classified as a victim!
Runaways get the least attention from the authorities, yet, not all children that are listed as runaways are actually runaways….
Within 18 hours most of these kids are lured into trafficking, sexually abused and killed!!

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