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Surviving Sexual Child Abuse – What do you ask someone who has gone through this?

by bwardell on September 29, 2010

What fantastic guest today in the HOOD, Jamie shared his experience’s and how parents can look for warning signs as well as things parents can do to not only protect from this type of sexual abuse, but also how they can help their child if they have already been sexually assaulted.

It’s sad to say, the Truth is the TRUTH… Sexual Abuse IS Real… and yes it happens to Children!!

Listen below to Jamie story and his life since these tragidies of his childhood!!

Jamie Romo Ed.D , educator and survivor of clergy abuse, has taken-on the sexual abuse epidemic. The headlines may have changed, but the sexual predators are still there, and strangers make up the smallest group of perpetrators!

According to the Journalism Center on Children and Families:

- 20% of the population in any organization has abuse experience.
- 67 % of reported victims were under age 18, 34 % under age 12
- 1 of 7 victims were under age 6,
- 40 % of predators of children under 6 were also juveniles – kids abusing kids!

Jaime Romo, Ed.D. is the author of Healing the Sexually Abused Heart, and he is at the forefront of assisting religious communities throughout the country develop both safe church and healing programs. He discusses what steps should be taken next … and what you can do to be proactive!

Child sexual abuse and child pornography, as well as child abductions, are rampant in the United States — more than any other country. 10% of sexual abuse of children relates to what we know as ‘stranger danger.’ The statistics are frightening. 60% of those who sexually abuse children are known to the family; 30% (some believe this is a low estimate) of those who abuse children are family members. This book deals with the 70% of abusers who are either strangers or people known to family and how we can improve our skills in detecting them and in empowering our children to avoid abuse while promoting healing of those impacted by it. “Parents Preventing Abuse” will instruct and guide parents to mitigate the conditions that allow child sexual abuse and prevent abuse of their children. The book examines the context of the problem (myths and assumptions), sexual abuse prevention (parental example, interaction with children and vigilance about outside settings), intervention and resources.

Despite being a victim of clergy abuse, Jaime Romo, Ed.D. spent three years preparing for ordination before moving into education, where he spent 24 years working with K-12 and in university settings. Since 2002 he has worked to bring reconciliation and healing to the survivors of sexual abuse by priests and has been the subject of numerous radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine interviews on the topic. He was a lead plaintiff in the L.A. Archdiocesan class action suits. The class action settled before going to trial in 2007. The release of the church documents (one of the conditions of not going to trial) has still not happened.

Surviving Sexual Child Abuse – What do your ask someone who has gone through this?

What are the unseen ‘signs’ of potential sexual abuse and who is vulnerable?
Why religious authority sexual abuse is so prevalent?
How are you educating your churches in order to stop the abuse?
Is “safe” an illusion? How to engender safe churches.
5 Steps for dealing with clergy abuse.
5 Tips for keeping your child safe from abuse.
What should be done with lay people and clergy who perpetrate abuse?
What to do when abuse takes place

And, then you nedd to listen to the aswers and use the infomation to protect you and chldren everywhere!!

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

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Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

CHWR show: Protecting Children From Predators and Pedophiles

You can get much more info from Jamie Romo’s websites:

| Jamie Romo | Jamie’s Blog | Workbook |

And, you can also get is his book here:


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