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Gentle Reader,

by CHWatch on November 16, 2010

0_61_062909_AliceMorrin.jpgToday we bid farewell to the Overcoming Battered Lives blog.

For the last year, The Courant and Fox CT have focused on the issue of domestic violence, after the murder of Alice Morrin by her estranged husband. Alice was the executive assistant to Richard Graziano, president, publisher, and CEO of the Courant and Fox CT.

Domestic violence had hit home.

Over the next year, reporters, columnists, photographers, videographers, and bloggers kept the focus on the scourge of domestic violence. We hosted forums, and gave speeches. We fielded impossibly tough phone calls from victims, and directed them to caring domestic violence workers who knew exactly what to do. As we did with Alice, we tried to put a face on the countless victims of intimate partners.

We’d like to think that we helped accomplish some good, but please do not think that because the blog is going dark that our interest has waned. This issue isn’t going away, and we aren’t, either. In addition to continued interest on the part of the newspaper and the television station, I will continue to write about domestic violence, both in my column and on my blog, Fear, Itself. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for future topics, you can reach me at If I’m not the appropriate person, I can find that person.

Thank you so much for the discussion. Let’s not let it end.

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