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Listen to and Learn from… The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave & Bill, and both Winn Schwartau, Chairman of the Board and Daniel Ashby, CEO of Mobile Active Defense | M@D.

For some time now, Winn has been alerting the powers to be to prepare for an estimated 4-5 billion mobile devices connecting to broadband by year-end 2012. It is happening quickly and what, if anything, are we doing to prepare.

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For the first time, mobile devices have outsold the PC. We are carrying around a loaded Smartphone without a permit. Smartphones need smart users. Unfortunately, 4 billion mobile devices are toted around without the safety on.

Both Winn and Daniel know firsthand how precarious and quickly corporate tragedy can strike not to mention the vulnerability of the consumer and his or her family.

M@D is a leader in the mobile security providing solutions for the Enterprise industry.

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We would like to thank both our guests! We feel it’s a honor and pleasure, to have Winn & Daniel of M@D participate and contribute to the great content, advice and opinions on and in our CyberHood, we all live in…

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