Personal Data Protection & Mobile Security Solutions


CyberHood Watch recommends the following products to protect you and your family’s digital identity…

Sentry Bay for PC

Personal Data Protection


  • Helps you safely bank, shop and socially network online
  • Protects every keystroke and mouse-click you make online
  • Proactively protects you from visiting scam phishing sites
  • Works alongside your anti-virus to provide real-time protection for your data
  • Has no effect on PC performance
  • Unique “scrambler” shows every thing you type being protected


Phone product

  • Securely browse the internet using your Smartphone
  • Prevents you accessing fake, malicious websites
  • Protects you when online banking and social networking
  • Simple to install and use
  • Patent-protected,independently verified technology
  • Additional features coming soon free to users


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Absolutely, the best way to protect you and your families personal data and mobile communications!!

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