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Consistent with Nonprofits who value children as our greatest hope of the future, The CyberHood Watch’s mission is to assure that hope and to empower children to make better-informed decisions throughout their Digital Age of Innocence.

The limitless unfiltered exposure and gathering of personal information that is about to besiege our children, through the digital mobile media communications, should be a top priority and concern for any sponsor dedicated to the well-being of children.

Most parents and caretakers are still lagging and struggling to secure their desktops, laptops and the Internet to keep children safe. Our greatest assets’, children, and their well-being, are about to become overwhelmed and challenged by the fast approaching mobile media communication era.

Parents, grandparents, educators, and responsible caretakers are in dire need of support and understanding how to keep children safe in the digital age. The CyberHood Watch (CHW) has taken up the mantel to be that voice heard throughout our children’s “Age of Innocence”.

CHW is not only a network of respected communities, content driven web sites, but also produces a live Internet radio show, to share the collective wisdom of others. Dave & Bill, hosts of CHWradio, interview authorities worldwide whose focus is primarily on the digital safety and well-being of children, families, and business. CHW also focuses on the child and his or her comprehension of the safe use of mobile media and the risks associated with the digital age.

As recipients of the of the Pepsi Refresh Project Grant, The CyberHood Watch partners, Dave& Bill, will continue their success implementing their current and long range goals as outlined in the db Security Inc. mind map. Together we can empower children, families, and businesses to make better-informed decisions in an ever-changing digital age.

In addition to empowering children, families, and businesses to be safe in the Digital Age…Also assures greater security for the United States of America! We do make a difference.

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