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XMission Attorney General of Utah
Radical Parenting
PD Pandora

CyberHood Alumni Class of 2007 – 2009

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Guest Topic Website
Ashdown, Pete Xmission – One Of The First ISPs In The Country
Albrecht, Dr. Katherine ** Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Founder and Director, CASPIAN
Ayers, Lauren PhD * Protect Kids From Child Molesters
Beck, Debra My Feet Aren’t Ugly – A Girl’s Guide To Loving Herself From The Inside Out
Bezalel, Jack Security Expert IT Industry – “Your Best IT Friend”
Bhattacharya, Soma Looks At The End Of Internet Trafficking Coalition
Blanco, Jodee What Is Causing Your Children To Weep Silently
Bush, Amy Christine Innate Wholeness, Parenting, And Living With Simplicity
CHW Partners * CHW The Recipient Of Wells Fargo’s Mistake – Or Was It?
Collier, Anne * Anne Collier, OSTWG, Meets With The CHW Partners – Online Safety 3.0
Collins, JoAnn Educational Advocate For The Disabled Rights
Conde, Kevin Detective Marysville Police Department – Raise Money & Awareness For The Local ICAC Det. Kevin Conde – Linkedin
Cutler, Jo-Anne Conscious and Connected Parenting
Dean, Stephen Your Neighbor’s Secret Life Online Stephen Dean
Dearing, Craig Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)
DeCarlo, Dori The Clear Advantage of S1 Bags
Dittrich, Stacy Detective Stacy Dittrich – Author – Media Consultant & A True Advocate For Children
Douglas, Rob IT’s Your Identity Defend – If Not Yours – Your Children
Evans, Gregory Renown Cyber Security Expert And Certified Ethical Hacker
Flores, Carlos Trauma Coordinator for Children’s Hospital – Choking Game Carlos Flores – Twitter
Fuery, Sean Business Owner! Are You Compliant? Sean Fuery, Security Metrics
Fulton, Jim VP of Marketing For Digital Persona
Graybill, Judy The New Millennium – How To Improve Step Family Relationships
Harrison, James CEO Invisus & Invisus Direct
Rice Hughes, Donna Donna Rice Hughes – The Internet Safety 101: Empowering Parents Program Donna Rice Hughes –
Illin, Oleg Internet Security Authority
Keeley, Hannah Hannah Keeley Share Some Advice For Creating Happy, Healthy Families Hannah
Jones, David Kent Five Greatest Dangers Your Teen Faces Online
Kessinger, Bob Protecting Children & Teens from Online Risk, Surfing Among Cyber Sharks
Kingsland, Brennan Set Our Teachers Free
Kintis, Alexander Addicting Behavior Including The Internet Beating
Kirk, Robin PhD Policing The Internet of Fraudsters And Con Artists
Knapton, Ken Ken Knapton – Cyber Safety – Maintaining Morality In A Digital World
Lechtenberg, Brett * Break The Chain Foundation Personal Mastery TV – Facebook
Lodrick, Karen * Triumphant Victim Of ID Theft – A Story Good Enough To Be A Movie
Mack, Robert (Bob) Law Enforcement – Investigator Robert Mack – Linkedin
Magid, Larry Yahoo! Kids Blogger
Mathie, Joyce The Other Virus – A Healthy Steam Cleaned Environment – With Joyce Mathie
McBride, Nancy * National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Nancy McBride – NCMEC Videos
McGarr, Ed Novell/Senforce PC Safety Ed McGarr
McQuiston, Rhett Internet Crimes Against ChildrenTask Force (ICAC-TF) Rhett McQuiston – Linkedin
Mercuri, Miranda A CyberHood Watch Single-Mom In The Trenches Of The New Net-Generation – Miranda
Mitchell, Susanne Our Children Are Our Future…Don’t Abuse The Future
Merritt, Marian Ssymantec’s Spokesperson, Marian Merritt & The CyberHood Watch Partners
Nabinger, Denise Dating In The 21st Century…The Do’s & Don’ts
Nixon, Brenda Parenting Advice You Need During Your Kids’ First 5 Years
Patchin, Justin A New Net-Generation of PhDs and CyberBullying
Patire, Tom Leading Expert In Personal Safety
Pellow, Denise Dave & Bill Talk With Denise Pellow Creator Of KidsBeSafeOnline
Pickett, Richard WiFi Security Guy – Wireless Security
Read, Drew COO Paul Anderson Youth Home – The World’s Strongest Man
Reznick, Charlotte Dr. The Power Of Your Child’s Imagination
Russell, Dorcy The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute – Parental Alienation Syndrome Dorcy Russel – Facebook
Ryan, Amy CyberBullying – A Mother Experience – Amy
Salmi, Deborah WOT – Web Of Trust – How Does It Benefit – Enjoying The Internet Safely
Sax, Robin An LA Sex Crimes DA Answers A 100 Of The Most Asked Questions
Schwartau, Winn Olympians In eLearning Education For Children, Families And Enterprise
Scheff, Sue Google Bomb – Sue Scheff – Author & Parent Advocate
Shallcross, Ken * PC Pandora – Dir. Of Media & Public Relations
Sheerin, Gary L. Virus Game – Peter’s Packet G. L. Sheerin – Peter’s Packet
Sher, Julian ** Julian Sher, is an Award-Winning Investigative Journalist & Best-Selling Author
Shurtleff, Mark Attorney General For The State Of Utah Utah Attorney General
Siddons, Darlene Vision Maps – Find & Maintain Your Inner Balance – Mind – Body – Spirit
Simmons, Sophia An Inspirational Journey Of Relationships, Heartache, and Change…
Simpson, Steve Why Are Kids Running Away & What Are They Running To? Steve Simpson – MySpace
Smith-Valentine, Sonya Attorney Advocate For Consumer Protection – ID Theft & Credit Expert
Stasaitis, Joseph W. Inspiring The Child Within Expert
Steele, Heather * Innocent Justice Foundation,Defender Of Children Against Child Pornography
Torgensen, Kirk CDAG CHW’s Dave & Bill Interview Chief Deputy Attorney General – Crime & ID Theft KirkTorgesen – Linkedin
Tayloe, Denise CEO Privacy Vaults Online, Inc. (PrivoLock) -Age Verification Of Minors
Trueman, Patrick Former Chief Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division
VanLuchene, Derek Dave and Bill Interview with Derek VanLuchene… RyanUnited.Org
Van Petten, Vanessa “Your Grounded” – Why Do Teens Rebel? What Can We Do About It?
Wardell, Anissa Mommy Blogger – And The Owner Of The Publicists Assistant
Whisenant, Greg Greg Whisenant, CEO & Founder Of
Wilson, Ben Esq. Xcera Consulting
Zillman, Marcus P Marcus P Zillman, Executive Director Of The Virtual Private Library


(*) on show multiple times

(**) on show Honorable Mention

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CHWomen Denise Tayloe

CHWomen Heather Steele

CHWomen Robin Sax, DA

CHWomen Deborah Salmi


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