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Dave Ballard, prior to my Commercial Real Estate career as the acting Broker/Owner of First American Realty Group, L.C. for the past eighteen years, I have also been a Commercial Hard-Hat Diver (Deep Sea Diver) which afforded me my walking pass to many of the ocean floors and a treasure chest of salty sea-stories for future grandchildren. I can embellish those stories and blame it on the prerogative of GrandpaHood. As an Entrepreneur, I have had the privilege to participate in the early growth of the Internet, which has been an exciting adventure. For several years I have been an advocate for children and their families on how to stay safe both online and offline.

Therefore, I started db Security Inc., with my partner, Bill Wardell. db Security Inc. offers families and specifically children, through our many information portals, the resources on how to keep our children and communities safe. We are consistently on the front page of the search engines for the key phrase, “online security”.

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