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We would like guest posts that fit in theme with the current subjects we cover on this site. Luckily for you, we cover a variety of things, from technical to thoughtful. So anything in the following categories would be welcome:

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A Gold Band Of Trust Provided By CHW

Children and their family’s safety online and offline have been the passion of the CHW partners, Dave and Bill for several years. There are eighty million searches a day for Dave and Bill (#3 on Google) and thirty thousand a day for CyberHood Watch (CHW).

It takes time to create a diamond as well as a respect for a message to take hold and gain the public’s acceptance. We ask permission to share the CHW partner’s image and branding, which we hope you accept as your own.

A Gold Band Of Trust Provided By CyberHood Watch

A Gold Band Of Trust Provided By CyberHood Watch

We are tireless advocates for the safety of children, families, and the small business individual. The CyberHood Watch has built a network of community information portals including CHWradio to help empower individuals on how to enjoy the Internet safely.

This is our message we like to share when you see CHW:

C is for children…Empower them
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For the guest poster, the benefits include reaching a new audience and, if you have a site of your own, the potential to gain new readers from this exposure. Also, your article gets twice the social media promotion and good will between The CyberHood Watch Partners and the CHW & OSA Social Networks.

For the readers, the benefits include gaining insight & perspective from a new voice and the opportunity to discover another informative, beneficial site to read as well.

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a. The article that you write for The CyberHood Watch Blog must be original. This means that you wrote it, and it is not published on any other website, including your own… this benefits both parties, and keeps Google happy.
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We will read any articles/ideas submitted as soon as possible, and probably let you know within a day or two if it will be published. This way you are not waiting in limbo wondering if you should send the article/ideas elsewhere.

How soon will my article be posted?

This really depends on what is going on at the site and how many other guest posts we have in the queue. Generally, we would say it can be published within in a week of submission.


Does The CHW Partners write guest posts for others?

YES! we have written a few guest posts on Online Security, Keeping Our Children Safe, and blogging and social media. Here are some examples…

    1. 10 Good Ideas For A Solid Publicity Campaign by Bill Wardell
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    Co-written by Bill & Anissa Wardell
    4. by David C. Ballard
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If you would like US to do a guest post for your site, please contact Dave and Bill asap… Lead times may vary, depending on the work load we have with our sites and various projects. While we strive to do everything in a timely manner, we don’t want to sacrifice quality for a deadline.

Please contact The CyberHood Watch Partners with your ideas and writing samples!

Thanks again for your interest,

Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell

Keep in mind that we’re always open to other opportunities as well, business, sponsors, partnerships, investments, products & services, and JV’s, etc… as long as they fit with the general theme of this site and our overall business model. Please contact The CyberHood Watch Partners with your ideas, and we’ll get back to you answer as soon as possible…


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NotAQuitter January 5, 2011 at 11:26 am

We blindly uncovered our 11 and 14 year old daughters to a sexual degenerate by “our visit” at – The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain. A pedophile with a pre-existing penal record rubbernecked our kids for hours without our having any idea that his neighborly smile was actually a pedo-smile. Please read through the following ACTUAL STORY IN THE NEWSPAPER:

Florida Sex Sting Snags – Comus Inn Pervert

I get headaches guessing what these – Comus Inn perverts was dreaming. I have to make a cognizant effort not to go there but because sociopaths keep sanitizing internet websites, I am pushing back and I am not alone. Search Comus Inn Perverts or click on the hyperlink previous.

When we finally made it to The Comus Inn, there were tables to wait on, and yet we were without a doubt the obvious center of attention because we were with our pubescent daughters. While others waited for service, Comus Inn sexual deviant, manager and “partner,” David Myer Dantzic II, wouldn’t leave us alone. He incessantly watched our table, then even sat with us. He then brought the very personable Chef Patrick to meet us, who mentioned he was also a “partner.” Dantzic tried to take a photograph of our entire family with Chef Patrick for use in “advertising,” which we instantly turned down, and which caused worry that others at The Comus Inn did not share. Since Dantzic was convicted for Child Pornography and is now in jail, I can only suppose what would have taken place with that picture, but where is the much vaunted and noted Chef Patrick who The Comus Inn had advertised ad nauseam?

Since the action of DUE DILIGENCE is common and known even to high school freshmen, how is it even feasible that The – Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain failed to perform background checks on their PARTNERS? Such checks are commonplace for organizations that do not contend with the public, let alone a public eatery. This procedure is so elementary that it is outlined as the “care any REASONABLE person” would engage in to stave off errors or harm to others. When we explained our experiences to Special Agent and State’s Attorney, Anthony M. Cecala, he noted convictions for Dantzic as far back as 1994. In the words of Deputy State’s Attorney Charles Smith, this is “indicative of just what today’s parents are up against in trying to keep their children safe.”

Can we determine that those attached with The Comus Inn never attended school, or should we conclude that they were fully cognizant they had enrolled into business with a PARTNER with pre-existent convictions that a States Attorney calls “disturbing,” and kept this deviate from being released on bail. What is his relationship with his wondrous Comus Inn friends? Why was this child pervert put into a role permitting him to eyeball our teenage daughters and try to befriend us?

Is Dr. Chris Goodwin in charge of Due Diligence for The – Comus Inn? If not, who is?

I still feel offended and there is no resolution. Don’t be subjected to some sociopath’s deviant games. If it hadn’t been for the above mentioned law enforcement officers, I am certain Dantzic would still be at The Comus Inn because The Comus Inn either doesn’t care, or is operated by those who lack minimal instruction, or those who have other motives of an anonymous nature, which they should share with the public.

The Comus Inn of – Sugarloaf Mountain MD, is slimy, and without honor. Think twice before planning your – Comus Inn wedding there!

Katie Alice McDonald January 20, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Good job. Do not give up. I read the articles you linked and this child predator had a conviction in 1994, yet he was hired to work at this Inn which is revolting. It seems he was allowed to stay there and work there until he was trapped by police detectives, which shows how dangerous even public places have become these days with the blessings of those in management positions. Please keep us informed. I will post the names, including The Comus Inn on as many sites as I patrol as a parental internet guardian.

Janice In Dickerson January 27, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Thank you so much for this website. And thank you for helping and caring about all our children.

Rabbi A. Tzvi, Washington, D.C. February 18, 2011 at 3:23 pm

A disturbing case, but because love is powerful, they will be swept from all who are decent, and at last forgotten. What we dare not forget is that it has never been more difficult to be a parent then it is now. Even the most closely sheltered — at shul, in school, and at home — have an outside world beckoning to them that would destroy the heart.

What will save them is truth as they strive to emulate the standards of parents such as you, among other role models in their lives.

Your time and efforts resound.

Bless you for such a wonderful spot on the web dedicated to the most precious in our lives.


Rabbi Tzvi, Washington, D.C.

Sallie Beth-Daymond February 26, 2011 at 12:20 am

First, our many thanks for such a wonderful website with resources parents can use when we often feel helpless.

And thank you for allowing such strong and powerful articles.

We have sent your link to many sites and blogs that we frequent as the parents of three who are only beginning to use the web.

Thanks again.

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