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Featured Books 2011 – 2012

Over 4 Years of Highlighted Authors:
Over 300 Interviews and counting… 2011 – 2012

We have had the pleasure of having some of the best and brightest authors in the world join us weekly on the show… Take quick tour below and see a few of the many authors that have been guests on

Image of Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I'm Grounded?: Stop Fighting, Start Talking, and Get to Know Your Teen
Image of Radical Family Workbook and Activity Journal for Parents, Kids and Teens: Written by teens, this is a totally new approach to the traditional family ... connect and inspire families of all kinds.
Image of TLC for Frazzled Kids
Image of Homework: A Parent's Guide To Helping Out Without Freaking Out!
Image of Stars or Stripes 4th of July
Image of Necessary Roughness:: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life
Image of Imagine Being In a Life You Love
Image of The Available Parent: Radical Optimism for Raising Teens and Tweens
Image of Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life: Healing From the Battle Scars of Youth
Image of Side by Side: The Revolutionary Mother-Daughter Program for Conflict-Free Communication

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Online Security Authority – Special Guest Authors: March/April/2007


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Thanks to all the authors that have joined us in the past, we have enjoyed your presence and welcome you back at any time. And to the all authors that want to get their message out to a much wider audience through The CHW Network with Dave and Bill.

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